Garden Fencing in Chester

Garden Fencing in ChesterThe right garden fencing in Chester adds beauty and value to your property. At Reynolds Timber, we’re proud to be one of the leading suppliers in the region of top-quality fencing materials, sheds, sheet material, gates, decking, timber, accessories, power tools and more. We can also supply electric fencing, garden buildings/furniture, and concrete posts. We’re a family owned and family run business with strong ties in the local communities we serve. Whatever the size and nature of your project, our highly-trained, talented and dedicated team can help you design and install it. Our prices are also designed to pleasantly surprise you because we believe that quality doesn’t necessarily need to cost an arm and a leg.

For property owners in Chester, garden fencing helps to mark boundaries in the available space. It can also serve as a charming backdrop to flowers or plants and provide support to creepers and climbers. Your garden fence offers privacy, shade and security while adding character and style to the space. You can create your own style and theme with the hundreds of options available. Standard Wayney Lap fencing is one of the most common types. It consists of horizontal strips of wood attached to vertical joints. Other types include feather edge panels that can be matched with concrete posts to create a strong and durable fence. Decorative fencing can be a real show-stopper if you’re prepared to pay a little more. You can have curved trellis patterns, lattice top panels, arched top panels, V-arched panels, palisade or picket fencing. The fence can be painted or left in its original state to showcase the stunning beauty of natural wood. However, ensure that the wood is treated with wood preservers, water-proofing and/or pest-control products.

Garden fencing in Chester offers a great way to divide the space into separate areas. For instance, if you want to dedicate different parts of the garden to flowers, herbs, exotic plants or vegetables, fences can give a different look and feel to each area. If you would like to find out more about our garden fencing options, contact us today. Based on the architecture of the building, select theme options like cottage-garden, countryside, classic elegance, tropical or beachside.

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