Garden Fencing in Chester

Garden Fencing in ChesterAlthough garden fencing in Chester is often thought to be made with timber, a sturdy and durable fence can be achieved by using a variety of materials.Each material available comes with its advantages and depending on your needs for your garden fence. A garden fence not only adds a personal touch to your property, but also adds to its aesthetic appeal and will also increase the property value. At Reynolds Timber, you can choose between timber, concrete, trellis or electric fencing in order to give your garden the look you’ve always wanted. With the variety of heights and board sizes available, you’ll have the opportunity to define exactly how you want the overall result to look. We provide only the highest quality of materials to all our customers.

Concrete fences are known to be the easiest and least expensive to maintain. They make for great sound buffers. In Chester, garden fencing using concrete blocks can be modified at a later stage, should you wish to change the current height or design option. Our concrete posts come in varying lengths and are designed to fit specific sections of the fence, such as the corners or within the length of the fence itself. When it comes to trellis fencing, you can enjoy a more pleasing look with the added advantage of security and privacy. It is a perfect alternative to the traditional fencing options. Lattice trellis also increases the functionality of your outdoor space. Timber fencing is cost effective, easy to install and relatively easily to repair as well. For those living in a natural setting, using timber fencing adds to and complements the aesthetics of your environment.  

An electric fence is the type of garden fencing in Chester you should consider installing if you are anywhere near farm or wild animals. You’ll benefit from its durability and flexibility as well as its low maintenance need. Contact Reynolds Timber for your garden fence needs and we’ll pair you with the material perfect for you. If you’re not sure which direction to go, we’ll be happy to help you come to a decision.

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