Garden Fencing in Ellesmere Port

Garden Fencing in Ellesmere PortOur garden fencing in Ellesmere Port can make a huge difference to your property. It allows you to encircle your garden with a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing natural boundary.  There are many designs to choose from including latticework or arched wooden panels.  These can be short to allow the garden to be viewed from outside or very high to afford you privacy in areas where you can relax with no-one able to see in.  All the wood used in our fencing is sourced from environmentally friendly timber growers.  The timber is sustainably grown especially to avoid any impact on the ecology of the area.  When we receive the timber we treat it by impregnating it under pressure with chemicals to stop rot and insect attacks

When you need to secure your property boundary in Ellesmere Port, garden fencing is the best option. An ornate fence in the front garden can be used to keep pets inside the boundaries of your property. This is particularly important when you own dogs. They like to have their territory properly delineated so that they know where they belong. Having a neat and pretty fence can provide new areas in the garden to create flower beds.  It may be a good idea to have the posts and the first course of the fence in concrete as this will allow the wooden part of the fence to be protected from moisture.  Even though the wood is impregnated with chemicals it may, over time, still rot.

There are very few materials as durable and environmentally friendly as garden fencing in Ellesmere Port. Contact Reynolds Timber today and we can arrange to have your purchases delivered to your door within our area. We supply all accessories for building your new fence such as screws, nails and fixings and also have a large stock of different sealants and adhesives. We stock various tools that are useful in fitting our wooden products. We also have gift cards that range from twenty to five hundred Pounds for birthdays or Fathers Day. Our timber gates have been created to suit the style of fence around your property and help to make your garden secure.

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