Garden Fencing in Liverpool

Garden Fencing in LiverpoolSurrounding your property with garden fencing in Liverpool is the sensible way to delineate your property. There is an old saying that ‘good fences make good neighbours’ and this is very true. Your property is your concern and once you have it fenced there can be no argument over who is responsible for various trees or bushes on the boundary. Both you and your neighbour know where you stand. You may require a high fence in some parts of the garden and lower fences in others. With a timber panel fence, you can ensure privacy if the fence is high enough. This can allow you to entertain outside on a patio without the neighbours watching you.

We can offer exceptional service for all your needs at our business. In Liverpool, garden fencing can be purchased in a number of different heights and styles. We specialise in all types of fencing but garden fencing and timber fencing are our specialities. There are a number of types of garden fencing and our professional fence fitters can offer advice on the best fence for your requirements. This may be privacy from neighbours or a fence to keep your pets in your garden. You may just want to enclose your property by placing a fence on the boundary. We usually find that timber fencing panels are the most cost-effective way of enclosing your property. Wooden driveway gates are handcrafted and styled to fit any sized opening and go equally well with wooden fence panels, concrete panels and walls.

Besides supplying garden fencing in Liverpool we also stock garden buildings and gate furniture. Contact Reynolds Timber today and order your new fence. We supply all the accessories necessary to construct any timber items such as screws, nails and fixings as well as sealants and adhesives, sheds and sheet material. Our trellises are perfect for climbing plants in the garden and the timber gates will keep all intruders out of your property. We also have gift cards for the man in your life who loves DIY. We have tool sheds in different sizes as well as workshop sheds. We also have various power tool accessories for woodwork.

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