Garden Fencing in Upton

Garden Fencing in ManchesterIf new garden fencing in Upton is part of your home improvement plans this year pay a visit to Reynolds Timber. We think you’ll be pleased with our helpful staff who will guide you in selecting fencing panels that will secure and beautify your property. Our timber fencing panels are tanalised which means the wood is treated deep into the timber for protection from decay, mould and fungi. This ensures that a well-built fence will stand strong for many years against environmental onslaught. Perhaps you’ve seen fences that are sagging, creating an eyesore on the property. Likely that fence was built with untreated timber and the posts are weakened below the soil line with wood rot and decay. That fence likely wouldn’t have needed repair and replacement had the builder started with tanalised timber. For particularly brutal environments, we can recommend our concrete posts.

A strong fence is important and that’s what we offer. However, in Upton, garden fencing needs to be a visually appealing asset to your garden. That’s what you want to see each time you look out the window or pull into your driveway. We offer several standard heights from which to choose based on your purpose. A boundary fence doesn’t have to block your view in order to protect children and pets in your garden. If privacy is your goal, then choose higher fence panels. They make a great backdrop for shrubbery and ornamental trees. You can enjoy gardening, entertaining and family relaxation away from prying eyes. Our selection of gates with strong furniture locks will add to your families security against intruders; both the two-legged and four-legged kind.

Garden fencing in Manchester built using our tanalised timber products Feather edged, Waney Lap, lattice-topped and V board are some of our popular garden fencing designs. In addition, we can supply you with all the hardware, fittings, fence building tools and free advice you need if you want to build your own fence using our panels. Contact us for all your garden fencing needs at affordable prices for quality timber. Our other timber products include outbuildings, decking and more. We’re your best supplier of quality timber products and fittings at affordable prices. You’ll like our conscientious customer service designed to ensure you are equipped with everything you need to complete your project. We will even deliver to your door.

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