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2.8 x 63mm Paslode Type Collated Nails – 3300

£35.00 £28.50

2.8 x 63mm Paslode Type Collated Nails – 3300


The Paslode Type Collated Nails by Axel features:

  • 63mm Length
  • Ring Shank Collated Nails
  • Galvanized With Lubricated Tip
  • Compatible With Paslode IM350
  • 3300 Collated Nails In A Pack

compatible with:

Paslode Impulse: IM300, IM325, IM350+
Powermaster Plus: 325, 350, F250S-PP, F350S, CT 325, 5325S, GN212, IMCT, SK312
Hitachi: NR83AA, NR83AA2, NR90AA, NR90AD
Dewalt: D51822, D51823, D51823K
Hilti: CHN 9033
Senco: GT90CH SN2, SN2+, SN3, SN4, SN70, SN325, SN325+
Framepro Models: 600, 601, 651, 701XP, 750XL, 751XP
Makita: AN942
Bostitch: F33PT, N79PT, N90PT
Spotnails: YTD9


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