Waney Lap Fencing in Ellesmere Port

Waney Lap Fencing in Ellesmere PortWhen someone recommends waney lap fencing in Ellesmere Port for your garden you may wonder what that looks like. After all, not everybody grew up with a hammer in their hand. Even some people who should know better confuse waney lap fencing with close board fencing. Both are great but they are not the same. Usually, you’ll pay more for a close board fence because thicker wood is used, the boards are vertical and the edges are feathered to overlap. A waney lap fence gets its name from the rough edges of the boards cut from a log with the bark still on. The overlapped boards run horizontal to make a panel and the panel is framed on all four sides, sometimes on both sides, with flat strips wood which adds strength and stability. Each panel has a top cap.

As you drive around looking at the garden fencing others have installed, you will likely conclude that waney lap is very popular. Actually, in Ellesmere Port, waney lap fencing is the most popular fencing panels here and throughout the UK. Waney lap fencing is ideal for most garden fencing because it’s an attractive way to define your property line and screen for privacy at a budget-friendly price. It does the job you want which is to keep your kids and pets safe, deters intruders, friendly or otherwise, and afford your family some privacy. It’s a strong fence for your needs. You will love the low maintenance as well, especially if you choose tanalised treated panels to preserve and protect the timber.

We know our waney lap fencing in Ellesmere Port and you can count on getting true value for your money. Our store has everything you need to install your new fence panels. We strive for excellent customer service so expect quick delivery of your fence panels and accessory materials order; sometimes same day delivery is possible. We can recommend installers as well and our advice is free. Measure up your garden boundary and contact us. We’ll help you figure out your fencing needs. Our waney lap fencing panels are 6ft wide and available in heights of 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft.

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