Wooden Fencing in Bromborough

Wooden Fencing in Bromborough Installing wooden fencing in Bromborough has many advantageous reasons. Unlike chain link and steel bar fences, wooden fencing can prevent people from looking into your yard. This not only improves your privacy but also enhances your security. Many burglars are opportunistic and only break into houses that attract them. Your first line of defence against burglars is to discourage them from attempting to break into your house. The risks modern families face today is extremely high. Between 2018 and 2019, the police recorded about 1,200 child abduction offences in England and Wales. A solid wooden fence can keep your children from wandering off into the street. It can also prevent offenders from enticing your kids when you are not looking.

If you have a backyard pool or garden, a wooden fence can give you a useful layer of protection. In Bromborough, wooden fencing can keep leaves and debris from your neighbour’s yard from blowing into your pool. This essentially reduces your cleaning chores. The fence can also act as a windbreaker to protect your kitchen garden from strong winds. However, one of the best benefits of a wooden fence is that it can keep the neighbourhood cats and dogs from soiling your yard. Also, if you have a pet dog, the fence can keep it safe from fights with the more territorial dogs around you.

Our company is well known for providing tanalised wooden fencing in Bromborough. Tanalised timber is popular in the UK because it significantly increases the lifespan of your fence. Tanalised timber is treated by forcing certified chemicals into the wood under high pressure. This protects the wood from insects, mould, rot, fungus, and extreme weather. This protection method can secure the integrity of your fence for at least 30 years. Contact Reynolds Timber today to get our best rates on our range of wooden fences. We can supply Arched, Wayney Lap, Feather Edged, and Omega Lattice Top Fence Panels among others. We also offer world-class solutions for timber decking, sheds and gates.

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