Wooden Fencing in Liverpool

Wooden Fencing in LiverpoolIf you prefer wooden fencing in Liverpool to fencing materials that reflect the sun, like vinyl, Reynolds Timber is your supplier. We know all about how man made products used for fencing are thought to be maintenance free, last a long time and resist wood rot. Before you buy into all that consider how much more wood fencing offers and at up to half the price. Pressure treated wood or Tanalised wood is chemically treated to protect it from insect infestation and wood rot. The chemical, Tanalith, is literally embedded into the wood under pressure so the wood is treated all the way to the core. The process makes the wood stronger and able to withstand weather extremes. Without doing anything else to the wood, it will last about thirty years.

Tanalised wood does not have to be treated but you want to consider doing it anyway. In Liverpool, wooden fencing that is tanalised lasts about 30 years on the outside but twice as long on the inside. So protecting the outside of the wood will make the fence last even longer. Again, you don’t have to. Many people love the weathered grey look of a natural wood fence. You don’t get many colour choices with vinyl fencing and no texture either. Your wood fence will look beautiful stained any colour or painted any colour you choose. Your fence is outside and being wood, it naturally blends with the rest of nature. Vinyl doesn’t blend and it is not biodegradable as is wood. That’s an important environmental distinction.

Of course, quality of the wooden fencing in Liverpool has everything to do with the looks and longevity of your wooden fence. Contact Reynolds Timber or pay us a visit and examine the strength and thickness of our fencing boards. We have many sizes and styles from which to choose and we offer the lowest price. In addition to quality materials, timber fencing should be professionally installed for greatest durability. Solid, tanalised and professionally installed are the qualities you want in a wood fence. We have all the ancillary materials needed for fence installation on site and our online store. We’ll deliver right to your door.

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