Wooden Fencing in Wirral

Wooden Fencing in WirralOur quality wooden fencing in Wirral is the most cost effective method of enclosing your garden or office area in natural wooden panels which come in the most delightful shapes and sizes. Quaint little picket fence panels or larger arch top closed board panels are all equally easy and quick to install and make an enormous difference to your property. The number of different types of wooden panels will make your choice difficult as there are woven, slanted and straight panels with many beautiful designs and finishes. The tops of the panels come in a variety of shapes. Contoured tops are elegant and the exact opposite to the scalloped tops. Traditional flat or straight tops look very stylish with the woven panels and bring a distinctive feature to your garden.

We ensure all our timber is reliably and ethically sourced. In Wirral, wooden fencing is much lighter and easier to install than other conventional and rather boring fencing options. Steel mesh or concrete panels are heavy and do not offer the privacy of the wooden panels and need specialist erectors where the wooden fence panels can be installed by any DIY enthusiast in a very short time.  The wood is treated for insects and weather and can be painted to suit your own unique colour requirements. You can mix and match different panels for different parts of the garden, using closed panels for private areas and picket fence panels for more open parts of the garden. The only limit to enclosing your garden is your imagination.

We are known for the reliable supply of quality wooden fencing in Wirral. Contact Reynolds Timber today or visit our store and view the wide range of timber products we have on offer. Our delivery service can deliver your purchase to your door within our area and we have a range of accessories to erect your new fence. These include screws, nails and large assortment of adhesives and sealants along with various tools that will make erecting your fence easier. We also supply sheet material and trellises for the garden as well as crafting timber gates of all widths and heights for the driveway and to partition the garden into front and back.

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