Decking in Upton

Decking in UptonIf you’re planning on building a deck, Reynolds Timber has decking in Upton.  We sell excellent quality decking in both timber and composite at affordable prices. We have everything you need for any sized project and we’ll deliver it to your door. You’ll find the tanalised timbers needed for framing and decking and smooth or grooved decking boards. Our square newel posts are treated to class 4 to prevent in ground wood rot. Complete with our smooth timber rails, tanalised spindles and newel caps. Your deck will give you many years of trouble free enjoyment. You can let the boards weather naturally, paint or stain, whatever pleases you. Use our lattice trim for a nice skirting finish.

Our composite decking is strong and easy to work with and quite affordable. In Upton, decking from Clarity composites is available in five colours with two surface selections. One is the traditional looking decking boards but the other has wider grooves which you might prefer. Forma composite deck boards are maintenance free but extremely durable. They undergo a dual moulding process that adds extraordinary strength and durability you need for commercial projects but will serve you well at home as well. Forma composite is available in six colours. The colours in both Clarity and Forms are true and lasting for a truly maintenance free deck.

Decking projects in Upton are often completed with a gate to keep pets and kids confined to safety. Look at our selection of gates and we’re sure you’ll find one that blends with your deck. There is also a nice selection of gate furniture that will make the gate an added attraction or if you prefer, nearly invisible hinges and latches. Building a deck is a significant undertaking both physically and financially. Contact Reynolds Timber and let us help you job cost your deck to stay within your budget while building a long lasting deck. We can set you up with all the components you need including the collated nails and coach bolts. You are going to love your new deck with room for outdoor entertaining and family relaxing.

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