Waney Lap Fencing in Chester

Waney Lap Fencing in ChesterIf you are looking for top-quality Waney Lap fencing in Chester, we can provide what you need. This type of fencing is also known as Overlap or Larch Lap fencing. They are some of the UK’s most popular fence panels. They are ideal for garden boundaries and supply an economical screening solution. The Waney Lap fence panel is formed from Waney edge boards that are partially horizontally overlapped giving the fence a unique look. It is framed with rectangular battens. The rough sawn timber is tanalised to protect the wood from rot, pests and fungal decay. The wood is placed in a vacuum and then large amounts of pressure are applied to force the chemical preservatives into the wood. This penetrates the wood throughout and is far more effective than dip treated or painted wood.

Our fencing panels are made from ethically harvested timber. In Chester, Waney Lap fencing is one of the most affordable fencing panels and will suit any budget. The panels come in a variety of sizes. The panel width is six foot with the height ranging from three foot to six foot. The heights are useful for a low front garden fence with a high back yard fence for privacy. Besides a variety of fencing which includes a number of different styles of fence panels we also supply composite decking, concrete posts and base panels for wooden fences and electric fences. We manufacture a range of smooth and grooved timber decking with newels and newel caps as well as utility rails.

Besides supplying Waney Lap fencing in Chester we also stock garden buildings and gate furniture. Contact Reynolds Timber today and order your new fence. We supply all the accessories necessary to construct any timber items such as screws, nails and fixings as well as sealants and adhesives, sheds and sheet material. Our trellises are perfect for climbing plants in the garden and the timber gates will keep all intruders out of your property. We also have gift cards for the man in your life who loves DIY. We have tool sheds in different sizes as well as workshop sheds. We also have various power tool accessories for wood work.

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