Waney Lap Fencing in Manchester

Waney Lap Fencing in ManchesterWaney lap fencing in Manchester is also known as larch lap or overlap fence panels. This the most popular type of fencing panel in the UK. It is the ideal type of fence for garden boundaries because they provide a suitable screening solution. Waney fence panels are made using Waney edge boards which are horizontally and partially overlapped. They are then framed with rectangular battens and completed with capping. The entire timber used to create its panels is dip treated for protection against rot. Another benefit of Waney fence panels is that they’re an economical choice compared to other traditional fencing options. Where can you obtain this special type of fencing?

For residents in Manchester, Waney lap fencing is available at Reynolds Timber. We specialise in manufacturing and supplying all types of materials in home and garden construction. Some of our product offerings include decks, sheds, sheet materials, fencing, gates, tools and much more. We are proud to offer some of the best quality products in the market. This ensures your satisfaction as well as ours. Our Waney lap line of fencing is one of the best ways to secure the boundaries of your property. The panels in this type of fencing are going to face a lot of natural elements. To ensure they last for many years to come, we’ve sealed them with a special product that prevents decay and fungi. These panels can be customised according to size and shape so that you get what’s required for your property.

If you’re looking for a long –lasting fencing product that’s also beautiful for your garden, consider Waney lap fencing in Manchester. This is not only a practical fencing material but an environmentally friendly one as well! Give us a call at Reynolds Timber for all your building and garden accessory needs. We have a wide assortment of tools, wood products and accessories to make your home-building dreams come true. We also have a huge stock of adhesives and sealants. If you have a friend or family member who is into home building projects and who also has a birthday coming up, we can supply you with gift cards as a gift idea.

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